The kennel is not holding anymore events for the time being….

…Until someone steps in as the new leader, because I have moved out of the area. If interested, contact me, David Scharton/Taint my Juicy Pie at


Trail 17. Post Halloween Hash

Trail No. 17

Hare: Taint my Juicy Pie

When: Saturday, November 1st @ 3PM

Where: Harold T. Wiley School

1351 Washington Street

Watertown, NY

Hash Cash: $5

Details: Dry bag strongly recommended, especially a change of socks/shoes. There will be a moderate amount of shiggy. The trail will be Dog friendly.

Location details: Harold T. Wiley school is just up the hill from watertown highschool. Just pull into the watertown highschool parking lot in the right most entry way and go up the hill past the sign that says “school and planetarium”. We will be meeting on the far side of the parking lot by the woodline.

Shiggy Meter: 7.69 (check website for more info on shiggy meter)

Hares Cell: 951 316 1942

On After: TBD

HASH TRASH – Trail 16. Alexandria Bay

The forecast said a possible chance of thunder and rain for Alexandria Bay on a August 16th, but that didn’t stop 10 half minded hashers from coming out. The hare was Taint my Juicy Pie, who was also the GM, RA and hash cash for the trail. The hashers in attendance were Closer Logger, who aside from me has been to the most H2O hashes. Then there was Just Justin, a virgin (first timer) who had been on the meetup list for the last year but always had something else better to do than come out to a hash. What could possibly be more important than running and drinking Just Justin? Priorities, priorities, priorities. We got two transplants from Mother Rucker in Alabama, Hard Lick Her and Lickity Split. Apparently they would have brought two more but they were too hungover to come out. I believe one of the original reasons for starting the hash house harriers back in 1939 was “to cure weekend hangovers”, but then again, what do I know? I am a half mind after all. The rest were 6 Canadian hashers: Taste the Rainbow, Have you, Cheap Thrills, Neon Stripper, Fat Ass, and Little Big Man. Apparently, they couldn’t find anything interesting to do in Ottawa so they drove 2 hours south, across the border to grace us with their company. No, actually they did push their event to the next week so they could come on out, and for that the kennel thanks you.

The trail started from the Alexandria Bay High school and kicked off after the pack gave the hare 15 minutes. Just a mile down the trail, the pack came to their first Beer check. Oh, and I should point out that it was Pirates week in Alexandria Bay, making it quite a bit more packed downtown. So you can imagine the looks the hare got running through town. Anyways, the pack stopped at the Dock of the Bay Pub , thanks to Taste the Rainbow. Had it not been for her, the pack would have been utterly lost, she was the only one who saw the true trail arrow clear as day, pointing to the pub. So, with that, the hare took up and was given 10 minutes, even though the hare was under the impression he would get another 15. This caused him to almost get caught by the pack when about to lay a back check. Fortunately, the FRB was loud as hell and could be heard around the corner. So off in a flash to the 2nd beer check which was off in some shiggy just outside of town. By this time, shortly before the first beer check, it started to rain, and was raining the whole time through to the next beer check, but had let up a little. So, within a minute or 2, the pack finds the small part in the bushes and then a cooler holding what they were all after, sweet, sweet beer.

Now, again, the hare was under the impression he would get more time than he ended up getting. The pack said they would not give the full 15, more like 10. Yeah… No. How about 3 minutes?? Fortunately for the hare, by the time the two FRBS, Little Big Man and Just Justin had almost caught up, he was well into some shiggy and they had missed the mark first time, leading them into the shiggy. So, shortly after the shiggy opened up, the pack was surprised to see no marks for a few hundred yards. This didn’t last long. Little Big Man found the trail and bolted up over a rock face, through a parking lot and to the last beer check, at the Dockside pub. He got there not even a minute after the hare did, however, he was the only one. The pack was still clueless, and hopelessly lost down on the street where the marks disappeared, so Little Big Man had to go retrieve them. They got additional help along the way from Hard Lick her, who apparently grew up not far from the area.

With it being Pirates week, there were many people walking around with Bandannas, so a few of the hashers decided to go and buy some Bandannas to don. The trail came to a close not long after that, and the pack must have had some pity on the hare, or maybe they were just too drunk to notice he left, but it was announced later that he got closer to 10-15 minutes before they followed.

Circle was short, but not uneventful. The rain decided to go in full fledge by this time, but thankfully there was a gaggle of trees next to the school greenhouse. By the way, what High school has a freakin greenhouse??? Anyways, moving on. The trees fortunately provided enough cover to keep the group dry, for the most part. So, with circle beginning, the hare, Taint my Juicy Pie was called out by the GM, Taint my Juicy Pie, and pulled into circle, by the RA, Taint my Juicy Pie, and was violated by the entire pack, namely Cheap thrills for being a multi tasker and a one man mismanagement. The Front Running Bastard was Taste the Rainbow. The Dead Fucking Last was Neon Stripper, or Fat Ass. I can’t remember, Ill blame it on the alcohol. The Canadians were brought in for being visitors. The circle shortly thereafter went to violations, and people were violated for anything and everything. Among the violations was people called out for racist (as in racing) behavior, head gear in circle and being too lazy to cross a stream in the shiggy resulting in Taste the rainbow and Have you being carried across on Little Big Mans back. Seriously? The stream was 6 inches deep.

With that, the circle came to a close, and with that, as if the rain couldn’t get any harder, it did and the pack disappeared in seconds, off to the on after. The on after, being the Dockside pub.

Trail 16. Alexandria Bay

Come on out to Alex Bay while the weather is still nice! It is Pirate days at Alex Bay at this time as well, so we will be hitting up the festivities afterwards!

What: Trail 16

When: Saturday August 16 @ 3pm

Hare: Taint My Juicy Pie

Where: Alexandria Bay Central High School

Hash Cash: $5

D’erections from I-81: Head North and get off on Exit 50N. Take a right onto Route 12. Go down about 4 miles. Pass the intersection for route 26. At the next intersection, take a left. It will either say Old Goose Bay Rd. or Swan Hollow Rd. Regardless, turn left and you will be on Old Goose Bay Rd., if you turned right, you would have been on Swan Hollow Rd. After turning left, go straight and the road will turn into Walton St. Keep going and just before the intersection for Bolton and Walton, turn left into the school parking lot. The start is in the back by the tennis courts and greenhouse.

Details: It will be an A to A trail. It will be closer to a pub crawl so probably not dog friendly, unless you leave your dog outside.

Shiggy Meter: 3.69

Any questions or are hopelessly lost? Contact the Hare.

Hares Cell: 951 316 1942

On After – Pirate Day Pubs/Festivities

July 19 – Trail 15. in Sackets Harbor

The kennels hitting up Sackets harbor this month.

What: Trail 15.

When: Saturday July 19 @ 3pm

Hare: Taint My Juicy Pie

Where: Seaway Trail Discovery Center Parking lot

102 Ray Street

Sackets Harbor

Hash Cash: $5

D’erections from I-81: Head towards watertown and get off on Exit 45. If you are cumming from the south, take a left. If you are cumming from the north, take a right. You will be on Route 3. After 6 miles, make a slight right onto County road 75. Stay on that road for 2 miles. Shortly after it veers to the left, turn right onto Main St. Take that 3 blocks and turn left onto Ray st. and the parking lot will be on your immediate right.

Details: It will be an A to B trail, but the end will be nearby within walking distance. The trail will be dog and walker friendly, but you may want to bring a change of sock and/or shoes.

Shiggy Meter: 5.69

If you have any questions or are hopelessly lost, contact the Hare:

Taint my Juicy Pie – 951 316 1942

Trail 14. Closet Logger – Clayton

Cum check out the H2OH3’s 14th trail!

Hare: Closet logger
Date: Sat. June 21 @3pm
Hash cash: $5, bring optional money for an ice cream pit stop on trail.
Location: boathouse brewery
625 Mary st.
Clayton, NY

Details: Now is an awesome time to do a trail in Clayton, come on out and enjoy the weather, and some tasty beverages with fun people. Its a-a and isn’t really dog friendly but if you do bring one, it has to be leashes.

Location details/d’erections: Find your way to exit 47 on I-81 and head west towards clayton. Turn left onto mary st. Just after your intersect with state st. Everyone will meet on the large porch at the brewery.

If you get utterly lost or have any questions, contact the Taint my Juicy Pie:
Cell: 951 316 1942

On after: coyote moon

Trail 12. The H2OH3 one year Analversary

Come join us for a H2OH3 (Formerly known as Watertown H3) Milestone. This will mark the one year analversary for our Kennel.

What: Trail 12. One Year Analversary Trail

When: Saturday May 31 @ 3pm

Hare: Taint My Juicy Pie

Where: Jefferson Community College (Parking lot at the back of campus)

Hash Cash: $5

D’erections from I-81: Head towards watertown and get off on Exit 46. Turn towards the College, left if you are coming from the north, right if you are coming from the south. Turn left onto Gaffney Drive. Keep going straight all the way up the hill until you are forced to the left and you see parking lots on your right. Immediately turn in to the parking lot and look for hashers or “HHH” on the ground.

Details: We are finally here at the one year Analversary of the H2OH3, formerly known during it’s first year as the WatertownH3. Now, what better way to commemorate this event than to go back to where it all began. This trail starts from the same location our very first trail did, but it won’t be the same trail. It will be bigger and better. The trail is Dog friendly, a leash should be considered but not required. There will be a Walkers and Runners trail.

Shiggy Meter: 5.69

Any questions or are hopelessly lost? Contact the Hare.

Hares Cell: 951 316 1942